Frequently Asked Questions

I have noticed a mistake, how can I let you know about it?

Check this list of FAQs to see if the mistake is addressed (or if you are mistaken in thinking it's a mistake). My contact details are at the bottom, but I would really appreciate if you could check first to ensure it's worth contacting me about.

Why does this website look like something from the early 90's?

Because I just wanted to throw up some things I made, and wasn't too worried about the aesthetics. I might work on that, if it seems interesting to me.

Why is the Starmap so poorly optimised for modern devices?

It was very much a function over form approach. I just wanted something that would work for me, so I could see the map evolve over time. I then decided it might be fun to put it up somewhere.

Can I help you make the map work better or look better?

Sure, if you want to help improve it through suggesting changes to the code, do get in touch. If you just want to point out features that would be nice to have, then this isn't really helpful: I know it's janky, it's just a matter of how much time I want to invest into it. So yes, I will gladly accept contributions of time and skill, but contributions of ideas isn't so useful unless they are only minor changes.

Is this map accurate?

It's as accurate as I can make it with current information and the time I have put into it so far. Known areas of innaccuracy include:

Um Ackshully...

This is a list of things that might seem odd at first, but are actually just little bits of trivia.

Are you still adding to this?

As I write this on 8th July 2021, yes. I am still correcting the underlying data, improving the functionality of the viewer, and adding some other features. I would like, for example, to have a panel of forward and back buttons that take you through historical events.

What's with the ugly layout?

To keep things simple, I wanted to use straight lines for Jump Points. Nice layouts usually require kinked or curved lines. This layout represents a force-directed Fruchterman–Reingold layout, with a bit of manual tweaking for clarity.

Okay, I read the above points and still have a reference-supported correction to suggest, or I want to help you make this work better

Great! Thanks for your contribution. You can find me on twitter at @jale_xel_jela - on spectrum at @jale-xel-jela or on the r/starcitizen and SCLeaks discord - just look for Jale.